Malossi Racing Exhaust for Yamaha T-Max 500

Malossi Wild Lion Racing Exhaust for Yamaha T-Max. Top Performer

The Maxi Wild Lion
Now they're even homologated!
Perfection in their design, silent with increased performance.
Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum render the new homologated Maxi Wild Lion exhaust systems unmatched in eleganze and lightweight.
Maxi Wild Lion is an exclusive Malossi product- Made in Italy.

- Aluminum alloy casing with anodized titanium finish, elliptical cross section.
- Stainless steel end caps with laser logo markings.
- A "chicane" silencer system with the addition of sound absorbing mineral fibers, possessing high noise damping and non-degrading qualities.
- Stainless steel exhaust tubes from the cylinder to the silencer.
The final assembly utilizes stainless steel riveted clamps producing a sealing area of exceptional mechanical strength in turn eliminating any exhaust gas leakage.
The new Maxi Wild Lion Exhaust Systems come complete with all the necessary mounting hardware and gaskets.

  • Model: 3217721