Malossi 75W-90 Synthetic Racing Gear Oil

Malossi Gear, Hub or Final Drive Oil. Fully Synthetic. 

gearbox oils has special additives which improve the shearing strength of the molecular chains which means that the oil does not wear as fast when it is constantly pressed against the tooth flanks and is ground.

Synthetic gear lubricant for racing scooters and bikes. It has high natural viscosity index and excellent shear strength, as well as higher load resistance. The synthetic materials used for this formulation have an oxidation stability up to 3 times higher than that of traditional mineral oils, prolonging the effective life of the lubricant, even if subjected to extreme working conditions. Beside this, the lower friction value leads to reduced pitting and wear of the gear teeth. Its excellent E.P. features and its low viscosity help in protecting the gearbox components.

250cc Bottle. 

  • Model: 7613470B