Malossi Over Range Transmission for Yamaha T-Max 500

for YAMAHA 500 T-MAX
25x14.9mm, 8 rollers, 16,0 and 18,0g
This new system is based on Multivar MHR Next, which – matched with the other parts - allows to achieve really unique performances!
The torque driver (movable pulley) has a larger diameter compared to the original one and the very latest specifications, allowing to have a greater velocity-ratio range compared to the original pulley.
Malossi engineers have also taken particular care in realising this pulley right down to the smallest detail, using special materials and a particular type of thermochemical treatment that ensures exceptional surface hardness and therefore excellent wear and abrasion resistance.
In order to fully exploit the range of the new torque driver unit and the power ratings currently offered by competition machines, the new notched X K Belt MHR has been introduced to ensure maximum performance under all running conditions.
The fixed half-pulley completes the OVER RANGE: this component features a diamond finish of the belt-side pulley surface and a redesigned working angle to further increase the gearing range.
The whole completion of OVER RANGE system is given by the torsion controller.
  • Model: 6114885