Malossi MHR Racing Exhaust for Vespa P200, PX200

This is an essential component for tuning the vehicle, designed especially to give the motor optimum power increase at medium and high revs. Thanks to the sophisticated systems available to our technicians and the decades of experience in planning and producing exhaust systems, Malossi has created this masterpiece. The new MHR Exhaust for Vespa PX E 200 2T especially designed for use with our MHR cylinder kit gives the highest possible power from the highest revs making it one of the most high-performance exhausts available. The big advantage of this exhaust system lies in its specially designed routing, meaning it can be fitted WITHOUT CUTTING THE CHASSIS and keeping the central stand on. In any operating configuration and motor casing position this exhaust fits to the vehicle without any harmful contact points that would require the user to modify the chassis of their beloved Vespa. The muffler cone has been divided, to give us the opportunity to further increase the field of use, increasing performance by more than 1 HP at the highest revs, when normally the motor drastically loses performance once the maximum rated output is reached.
Technical features
Designed to be fitted without any chassis modifications. Made from special steel sheeting (0.8 mm thick), obtained from robotised T.I.G. and M.I.G. welding, and manual oxy-fuel welding beaten by hand. Transparent paint.
With an opening calibrated to obtain the maximum available counter-pressure.
Aluminium, anodised Nitro blue silencer with can integrated to the bottom of the exhaust for a more exciting design.
Connected with a high-precision, laser cut folded bracket, connected to an anchoring ring on the chassis arm; motor vibration is dampened by two silentblocks between the arm and the exhaust, ensuring a longer life.
  • Model: 100-3219182