Malossi 225cc Cylinder Kit for Vespa P200 60mm Stroke MHR Racing

Vespa never dies
1983: the aluminum cylinder with 68.5 mm diameter - turning point in Vespa tuning - was born.
Made of Nicasil aluminum, with super light piston and 1.2 mm semi trapezoidal rings, it becomes a legend, a real must-have for all Vespa fans.
2008: the cylinder is updated, by adding the head with hemispherical combustion chamber and central spark plug.
2013: the cylinder, always made of Nicasil aluminum, has been completely changed concerning both main and rear ports and exhaust port as well. Exhaust port will be available in two versions:
The perfect centering between head and cylinder is guaranteed by two centering bushes located on two stud bolts, while the o-ring ensures a perfect seal.
2016: to complete a long list of improvements, we introduce a new “black“ piston with a molybdenum sulfide coated skirt. The semi- trapezoidal ring seat and dome remain unchanged , while the real innovation is the completely new mold , where new windows allow not only a perfect match with the latest generation of the cylinder , but also interchangeable with its previous versions. The reinforcement ribs , totally revisited , provide a lightweight design with even greater strength.
Cylinder Kit MHR 68.5 aluminium CVF2 pin 16mm Wristpin, 60mm Stroke: racing use
Recommended to be fit with a 60 mm stroke crankshaft, strongly tuned crankcases, 30mm Carburetor and Malossi exhaust or expansion chamber..
Cylinders obtained by gravity die-casting in permanent steel moulds.
Material: hardened and tempered high silicon content primary aluminium alloy.
Machining: on numerically controlled high precision machine tools.
Cylinder liner with silicon carbide metal-spray coating on a galvanic nickel matrix, cross-honed with passes with diamonds for very tight tolerances.
Recalculated and increased heat exchange surfaces.
Exhaust and transfer ports designed and tested for maximum thermodynamic performance.
Dimensional and surface finish quality control performed according to Malossi's internal specifications.
Cylinder and piston selected for a fit of 0.005 mm.
Checking of all the seals carried out.
This product is intended solely for competition-sports usage. No warranty, express or implied, is offered.
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  • Model: 100-3118599