Malossi Boost Bottle

Malossi Boost Bottle for Two Stroke Scooters.

AN AUTOMATIC FUEL COMPENSATOR WITH VARIABLE VOLUME CHAMBER MACSI: Malossi S.r.l. Italy, have recently placed an international patent on their great new discovery, the MACSI. It is another step forward in technology allowing perfection of endothermic engines, and thus providing better efficiency, with lower pollution. An important improvement in comparison with other previous balancing devices (static boost bottles). ADVANTAGES It makes the best of power distribution in a very wide range of engine revs. It compensates and reduces the lack of feeding due to the difficulties of fuel supply in the critical rates of the engine (revs). It is automatic and fully self-adjustable. It can be fitted easily in minutes. It improves performance and it gives the possibility of fuel economy.

  • Model: 278785