Malossi Cylinder Kit 52mm MHR Flanged Mount Testa Rossa

Testa Rossa Flanged Mount 94 cc
The most powerful cylinder ever to be produced by Malossi. High capacity, flanged design, only for liquid-cooled scooters (7 ports and exhaust crossbar - piston with 1 segment - modular head - required use of RC-One Malossi case - engine shaft with connecting rod different from the original).
The most advanced production of Malossi cylinders is represented by Flanged Mount cylinders, designed for Malossi C-One and RC-One engine cases and intended for liquid-cooled scooters only.
Specifically designed to be used in high level competitions, they feature the latest evolution of the iconic Malossi 7 port technology, the strong point of which is definitely the support given to the main rear ports thanks to the use of the two lights opposite the exhaust, now added to the advantage of the reduction of the size of the stud bolts, now shorter and external. Making full use of all the additional space ensured by the flanged design, the lights have been redesigned wider and able to link up perfectly with the ones of the Malossi engine cases.
The shape of the exhaust also features a structure fitted with an exceptionally thin crossbar with an elliptical-shaped dual port, to minimize stress for the piston ring, combined with an exhaust connection, part of the structure and following its shape.
The inner profile of the head, once again modular, has evolved completely and thanks to its design it now guarantees more torque at all engine speeds. The head cover is made of forged aluminium, red anodized and lathed in high precision CNC machines.
The installation of a Testa Rossa Flanged Mount cylinder necessarily requires installation on a C-One or RC-One Malossi case and the use of an engine shaft with the length of the connecting rod that differs from the original. To make full use of the potential of these cylinders, it is necessary to draw fully from the Malossi catalogue, selecting all the racing components produced by the Bolognese company.
  • Model: 3115883