Malossi Water Pump Controller

HEAT MASTER Dampens your engine's ebullient spirits It is significantly important to control the engine operating temperature. Not only you should know at how many degrees the engine is working, but it is important to vary its temperature depending on the different operating conditions. Malossi understood this, thus creating HEAT MASTER, an electronic control system to be used with ENERGY PUMP, in order to adjust the engine's temperature in real time. HEAT MASTER can be installed on different scooter models, both two-stroke and four-stroke. Its functions can be modified by easily working on the trimmers positioned on the cdi. By selecting the setting of ENERGY PUMP among different presets, you will set the minimum and maximum temperatures as well as the warning lights to be provided to the rider while riding. Through its HEAT MONITOR, which can be easily installed close to the dashboard, you can check the operating temperature at which you want the engine to work. HEAT MASTER turns on together with your engine and, thanks to its sensors, it adjusts the functioning of ENERGY PUMP in real time, thus varying RPMs so as to adapt the flow of coolant and consequently keep the engine's temperature within the parameters set by the rider. Even in case the sensor is damaged, HEAT MASTER guarantees maximum reliability, thus detecting the breakdown and automatically setting ENERGY PUMP at its maximum power. The switch off is strictly manual, so as to ensure engine cooling even in case of malfunctioning. HEAT MASTER dampens your engine's ebullient spirits.

  • Model: 5516096