Overs.Sect. Sec.Gears 13/48 With Spr .Drives

SPRING DRIVES Malossi S.r.l. is happy to introduce its customers to a new product that stems from the need that has arisen in national scooter cross competitions to be able to resolve the problem of breakage to original components of the end gear reduction unit on scooters used in top-level competitions. Malossi engineers have succeeded in producing a sophisticated wheel shaft incorporating a shock-absorption system that basically filters all stress transmitted from the wheel to the engine. The Malossi spring drive includes a system of elastic components with excellent strength and deformability capable of absorbing the striking energy transmitted by the wheel and returning it gradually, thus keeping all components of the final reduction system of the automatic transmission free from the huge impact stress that could quickly lead to breakage. All components of the spring drive system are constructed from top-quality materials, such as alloy steel used in space applications, top-level finish and plastic materials offering excellent energy absorption. In addition, the Malossi spring drive provides unquestionable improvement in running performance, even on road machines since it reduces the transmission of vibration to the crankcase and therefore to the scooter itself, thus guaranteeing exceptional smoothness in running even on city roads that are becoming increasingly disjointed. In the meantime, they protect all of your scooter's transmission components from stress caused by the roadbed, ensuring almost unlimited life for the gears of your scooter's end reduction unit. Technical specifications Wheel shaft Alloy steel subjected to 5 different heat treatments Gear wheel Casehardening alloy steel produced on special NC machines Elastomers specially-formulated with excellent strength and energy absorption Transmission shaft Casehardening alloy steel produced on NC machines Toothing Designed and manufactured for maximum wear resistance with top-level surface finish

  • Model: M679940