Malossi TC Unit K15 with Magnet / RPM Control for Vespa 2T

ELECTRONIC COILS The continuous development of electronics in the automotive segment led Malossi to the creation and marketing of a complete line of electronic coils for scooters to be used on the street and for races which is at the highest level of technology. Each electronic coil model was expressly studied for the scooter it will be fitted on, and this is the reason why after endless tests on the bench, on rollers and on the racing track an optimal start up map (fixed or variable) has been prepared in order to obtain the best performances of the vehicle. The Malossi electronic coils were designed to allow also a very easy assembling, since they are interchangeable with the original boxes. They are compact and ergonomic, so they can be connected perfectly to the original connectors. Furthermore, these coils allow the elimination of the rpm limiter installed on some standard power boxes, enabling in this way the full exploitation of the engine's power and torque even at the highest regimes, up to 20.000 rpm. These electronic coils are based on capacitive discharges, therefore they allow maximum limitation of circuit transients during voltage discharge, while obtaining a virtually perfect peak voltage on the spark plug (35.000 - 50.000 volts depending on the engine regime); moreover they grant extremely high discharge voltages and currents with surprising steadiness with respect to engine rpm variation. TC UNIT R.P.M. CONTROL On this electronic coil there is a micro-switch that could be freely placed on your vehicle in a sheltered position. It starts up the limiter of the engine revolutions. It is possible to adjust, according to the type of your engine, the number of revolutions on which the turns limiter starts up. Working on the micro-potentiometerit is possible to adjust at which speed the limiter of revolutions starts up, with reference to the speed indicator of your vehicle. The tuning potentiometer has a high sensitivity, therefore, during the adjustment, it is necessary to do very small rotations till the achievement of the point of starting up of the limiter of revolutions suitable for your scooter. Technical features Feeding of the electronic coil: original Maximum number of revolutions/minute: 20.000 Voltage discharge: 35.000 ? 50.000 volt Advance: fixed Limiter: it is present, adjustable and it is possible to switch it off

  • Model: M5513196