Malossi Brake Shoes for Yamaha


Brake shoes
Malossi brake shoes have been perfected for the installation in the most important vehicles produced in Europe and Japan.
Our engineers designed and tested them to easily withstand the stresses due to extreme use and above all they designed them for racing machines which need higher decelerations and performance consistency at elevated operating temperatures.
For this reason Malossi BRAKE POWER are made of a special aluminium-magnesium alloy and a special asbestos-free friction material.
The new friction material mixtures are ecological and have considerably better characteristics than the average guaranteeing modulated and progressive braking, shorter stopping distances, and a very low kilometric consumption of the friction material. The oblique edges for exhausting dust have been studied and tested for over four years in scooter racing, always won by Team Malossi.

C3 XF 50 (07-11 F&R), XC 50 Vino Classic (06-11/13-14 F&R), YJ 50 Vino (RN/RP/RR/RS) (01-04 F&R), YJ 50 Vino Classic (02-05 F&R), Zuma 50 FX (14 R), Zuma 50 F (YW 50) (12-14 R), XC 100 Jog (05-06 F&R), T 110/110 C (40B3,40B4/7) (10-13 R), XA 125 Cygnus (12 R), YJ 125 Vino (04-09 R)

  • Model: M6215834