Malossi Performance Air Filter for Aprilia SR50 Di-Tech

Malossi Red Air Filter for Aprilia SR50 Ditech with Morini  or Piaggio Engine.

Stock Piaggio, Vespa and Aprilia air filters have the terrifying habit of decomposing in your airbox as you ride. This can cause chunks of the filter foam to be sucked into your engine, and potentially cause serious damage.
Use this Malossi washable, reusable, and ethanol safe air filter to skip all the drama that can be caused by the stock air filter.
RED SPONGE for Stock Air Filter Box. 

Self-extinguishing, expanding polyurethane filter elements with an increased air and filtering capacity, designed for sporting applications. You can recognise Red Sponge immediately by its distinctive Malossi red colour and the yellow trademark.
- Increased thickness with calculated porosity.
- Optimum filtering characteristics when dry which can be improved by moistening with Malossi oil.
- Selected material produced exclusively for specific use. Perfectly interchangeable with the originals they are especially suitable for high-performance engines.

Piaggio uses two different air filters in the SR50. Compare this one to the one in your scooter. If they aren't the same shape, this one won't work. 

  • Model: 1417226