Malossi Front Shock for 2015-16 Vespa GTS and GTV ESS

Malossi RS24 Front Shock for 2015-2016 Vespa GTS and GTV with ESS front suspension. Get the Malossi Handling Advantage for your brand new Vespa.

For models with ESS Front Suspension. Fits  2015-2016 GTS and GTV with ESS Front Suspension. If your shock is attached by one bolt on the bottom, it has ESS. If it is attached with two bolts, it doesn't.

It is a regenerable oleo gear with bi-lamination piston and baffle plate compensation.
36mm piston with two independent lamellar packs, one in extension and one in compression; lamellar system made of harmonic steel with leaf spring configuration;
LUBRIFLON-PTFE B70 piston runner guide (bronze-loaded modified compound);
Sliding on GUIDA DU guide bushing (a composite material obtained by sintering a layer of spheroidal bronze on a mild steel strap properly treated, followed by impregnation and coating with a mixture of PTFE + PB);
Polyester resin SEALTHANE grade 9345 scraper ring
38NCD4 alloy steel shock absorber rod 14 mm diameter, hardened and tempered with hard chrome deposit thickness 25/30 microns (superficial hardness of the untreated shaft HRC 55/60)


  • Model: 4617076