Malossi Front Shock Absorber RS24/10-R

This superlative, compact and very light shock absorber, completely manufactured in aluminum, with the exception of stem and spring, was born out of the cooperation between Malossi designers and Paioli.
The project has been studied for long by the technicians of both companies who, already used to team work, joined their own experiences to create an innovative suspension.
The versatility of this suspension turned out to be astonishing thanks to three new adjustment systems, which enhance its use both on the road and on tracks:
extension adjustment in order to absorb the harshness of the ground;
double adjusting of hydraulic system in compression (separated according low and high speed);
spring pre-load allows to fi t the vehicle while driving;
system of setting variation as regards the behavior in bends.
Technical features
The technical characteristics of these special shock absorbers show that they are the better technological specifi cation that exists nowadays on the market.
Type: oil-pneumatic shock absorber with parted compensation tank.
Use: Scooter for competition
Shock absorber rod Ø 14 mm in 38 NiCrMo4UNI 7845 steel hardered and tempered with 25-30 micon hard chrome layer (mm) (surface hardness of untreated shaft HRC 55/60)
Piston Ø 36 mm with two indipendent laminar packs (one in compression, one in expansion)
New laminar system in music steel for extremely precise calibration
LUBRIFLON PTFEB 70 piston guide shoe (bronze-loaded modified compound)
Sliding on DU GUIDE bush (compound obtained by sinterization of a layer of spheroidal bronze on a strap of suitably shaped low-carbon steel with subequent impregnation and coating with a PT-FE + FB mixture)
SEALTHANE 9345 grade polyester resin scraper ring
Micrometric regulation of spring preloading by means of ring nuts
Adjustment of hydraulic braking in expansion on about 24 positions
Double adjustment of hydraulic braking in compression, to be selected on about 10 positions each, separated according low and high speed
Special low-viscosity oil, practically unaffected by tempertaure changes
External compensation tank which allows an increasing of the quantity of the inner liquids.If you consider the above described technical features, you can realise that these special shock absorbers are the best technological expression today available for the public
  • Model: 4614236