Exhaust System Supermoto MHR

The Racing Exhaust developed on the racetrack for the racetrack . It is one of the essential components intended for MALOSSI trophy , studied especially to increase the power of the engine at medium and high regimes. The Malossi Trophies are raced in all the world according to precise rules that require different Special Malossi Racing products for each category. This insures an optimum and homogeneous result for the various participants while utilizing the most advanced technologies. With the SUPERMOTO MHR exhaust sytems Malossi expands its range of trophy exhaust systems, that represents the highest performances in the sector. Another Malossi' initiative which provides an opportunity for the young to participate in a two-wheeled sport and become the riders of the future. TECHNICAL FEATURES EXHAUST in special sheet steel (0.8/0.10 mm thickness) manufactured using robotic T.I.G.and M.I.G. welding and manual torch welding with oxy-acetaline, artiginally peened. Clear coat finish. SILENCER in aluminum, anodized in Nitro blue.

  • Model: M3214576