Ukraine Sticker 2

Do you support Ukraine in their fight against the Russian invasion? We have four stickers for you. We are not selling them, nor are we telling you that you have to donate to any of the charities listed below. But we hope you do. We know these groups put the money they raise to good use. No matter how many you order, the mostr you will get is one of each, while supplies last. 

The stickers in Ukranian are a direct, letter for letter translation of Scooterpartsco. They are not the words Scooter, Parts and Company translated into Ukrainian.  Official Ukraine Government site. Like marine drones? Ever play battleship? This might be a good fit for you.  If you want to help the men and women on the frontlines get drones, this is a good place to donate. NAFO site that raises money for a lot of different small groups. Does a lot to help wounded Ukrainian and Foreign soldiers from recovery to transportation home.  Artur Rehi is an Estonian who raises a lot of money for Ukraine. He has a youtube channel where he gives updates frequently, so you can see where your money goes. 

If you know of a charity that is helping Ukraine in their time of need, please send us an email and we will consider adding it to the list

Our original Pirate logo was created by a Ukrainian graphic artist about two years prior to the war. The first versions of these stickers were created by a Ukrainian designer from Kharkiv. He was injured early in the war. We have not been able to contact him in quite some time. The final version, that you see here, was done by another Ukrainian soldier who is no longer able to serve.

  • Model: 999-UKRAINE02