Polini Racing Exhaust for Yamaha X-Max 300

Polini Racing Exhaust System for Yamaha XMax 300.  
The Polini Racing Exhaust system provides an increase in power output and increased overall performance, especially improving acceleration and throttle response.
100% Made in Italy.
The Polini Racing Exhaust offers a great balance between price and performance. Each exhaust system is designed to enhance the performance and match the design philosophy of your motorcycle. Transform the nature of your bike by adding not just more power, but also that unique, deep and resonant Polini Racing sound. You can be sure that every step in the R&D, design and manufacturing processes of each exhaust has been performed by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers. The flow optimized internal components are responsible for an essential back pressure reduction compared with the original muffler. This leads to a pronounced increase of performance and torque over a wide rpm-range. 
It’s not just about peak power - Polini Racing exhaust systems deliver increased performance throughout the entire RPM range. Increases in power and torque result in a much smoother power delivery and ride. All Polini exhaust system measurements are formulated on in-house computer-controlled flow benches.
No fuel remapping required.
Technical details:
Aluminum alloy silencer with black anodized finish,manifold and bracket in stainless steel alloy
End cap made of carbon fibre
Removable dBkiller.
Weight reduction to about 8 lbs
Easy installation
Reduced vibrations and shocks from the swingarm thanks to three silent-blocks
  • Model: 190.0071