Airman Mini Tire Pump

This is the best and most compact portable air compressor we've tested. No cord to connect, just stick on the tire, set the pressure you want, and let it run. It will shut off when done. Can be set to read out Bar or PSI. This is both small and light weight. 

Very compact and lightweight high-pressure hand compressor for inflating car tires,
bicycle tires and sports balls. Integrated LED air pressure display with auto-stop function.
• Dimensions: 131 x 80 x 40 mm or 5.2 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches
• Weight: 0.33 kg 0r 11.6 Ounces
Consisting of:
• 7.4 V manual air compressor
• Maximum pressure: 7.59 bar / 110 PSI / 759 kPa
• Power 7.4V; 6A; 44.4 watts
• Operation via Li-Ion battery 7.4 V, 2,200 mAh
• Hose and adapter can be stowed in the housing
• Pressure hose with threaded connection
• Adapter for AV and SV valves and balls
• Charging cable with USB-C port

Airman Part # 54-104-001



  • Model: 400-267001070