Handlebar Lock for Kymco Like

Handlebar Lock for Kymco Like.

There are a lot of reasons this is one of the best ways to protect your scooter. It is very obvious, and deters thieves from trying to break your steering lock, force a key into your ignition or rip off the front of your scooter to try and hotwire it before figuring out they can't steal it. 

SAFE  This Lock is certified in Italy as an effective anti-theft device. It works. This is the same security device Piaggio sells in Europe as a Genuine Vespa Accessory. 

QUICK So you won't find your chains under the seat when the police recover your scooter because you were only going to be 10 minutes. 

PRACTICAL You can lock your helmet and jacket to your bike, and you can use a cable to lock your  bike to an immobile object like a tree or lamp post. You don't have to dig it out of your topcase or under the seat when you want to lock it, or put it back when you are done. 

EASY TO USE. You get off the bike and lock it. Unlock it, and it stows in place in seconds. 

CLEAN. You don't have to get your hands dirty running chains through the wheelks, or clamping something onto the brake disk..Going to work or out on the town, this is a nice feature. 

  • Model: CL5727789