Racing CDI for Kymco 4 Stroke Scooters with Single Plug

NARAKU Racing CDI for Kymco Four Stroke Scooters with Single Plug. Look at the Plug. If it looks like the one on your Kymco Four Stroke Scooter, this is the correct part for you. ]

The CDI has no speed limit, so the engine can be completely de-throttled and nothing stands in the way of a Big Bore cylinder conversion.

The CDI just needs to be plugged in instead of the original CDI. Of course, the CDI can also be used as a spare part.

In the case of Kymco Super 8 4T models, the tuning CDI can lead to malfunctions in the electric cold start device (choke). If this is the case, we recommend converting to a manual choke

No Returns, Refunds or Replacements. 

  • Model: NK390.30