Carburetor for Minarelli Two Stroke Scooters

101 Octane brand Replacement carburetor with 12mm passage for 2-stroke scooters with Minarelli replica 1E40QMB & IE40QMB engine. Includes electric choke. Can be used as a replacement carburetor. The carburetor is set at the factory for a 50cc series engine and can be installed directly. We do not know if this will work for your specific scooter. If you are unsure, ask a competent mechanic or technician prior to ordering. 
Note: In rare cases, the plug from the e-choke does not fit. (e.g. ATU Explorer Kalio). In this case, cut off the connector from the old choke and reconnect the two cables.
Imported from Germany
Passage: 12mm
Main jet 75 (6mm)
Connection width intake manifold: 24mm
Connection width air filter: 35mm
224100.108000 224100.047000 3390002A0000 224100.092000 3KJ-14301-00
IT'S IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS! This thing requires gasoline, so it can't be returned, replaced or exchanged..And we've heard the "I didn't take it out of the box," story before, and didn't budge on this policy then either. Once you buy one, it's yours. 
  • Model: KW13987