JCosta XRP Racing Variator for Yamaha T-Max 500

JCosta XRP Racing Variator for Yamaha TMax 500
The JCosta XRP Racing Variator Kit includes:
CNC machined variator body with ceramic treatment.
Copper alloy bushing with graphite inserts for dry lubrication
Slider with DLC anti-friction treatment.
Set of rollers made of plastic composite with Kevlar and carbon fiber.
High quality stainless steel bell.
Special XRP belt reinforced with Kevlar.
JCosta Variators improve your scooter's performance in three ways:
JCosta Variators increase fuel efficiency.
JCosta Variators increase acceration.
JCosta Variators increase top speed. 
J.Costa parts are designed to enhance the performance of your bike both on and off the track. Thanks to the use of the best materials and high technology, J.Costa components are the most reliable and resistant on the market.
Racing tecnology for your scooter
JCosta Variators have been tested in racing and other extreme conditions.
J.Costa products are designed to optimize the performance of your scooter. You will get better acceleration, increased top speed, reduced fuel consumption and a more enjoyable riding experience.
Discover the true potential of your bike and get the most out of your engine!
Please read our return policy prior to ordering. This item is a performance part and may not be returned or exchanged. 
  • Model: IT605XRP