Woodruff Key +3 Degrees for Piaggio 50cc Engine

Advance  your timing 3 degrees with this offset woodruff key for better performance, and more power. Works in all Vespa, Piaggio and Aprilia engines with a 50cc Engine.

The woodruff key holds the flywheel in place on the crankshaft. During each revolution, the rotor gives off one inductive ignition pulse, thereby determining the ignition timing. This Woodruff key is specially ground and allows the rotor to be offset towards the advanced position. The slightly earlier spark ensures more optimal timing and more performance-oriented combustion at higher speeds. This small, but significant component means you get a little more performance over the standard timing. This key is also a good choice for de-restricted engines. Great idea for not much money. This is a very popular tuning trick with snowmobiles and other small, high output engines.

  • Model: 9909180