Throttle Cable from Junction box to carburetor for Vespa ET2 582908

Throttle Cable from the Junction Box or splitter, to the carburetor, for the Vespa ET2. It is necessary to order this when you are replacing the Weber carburetor on a Vespa ET2 with a DellOrto carburetor.

This is one part of the Vespa ET2 Throttle cable. This is the cable that goes from the junction box under the floorboard to the carburetor.
The Vespa ET2 throttle cable is a four part unit consisting of a:
cable from the throttle grip to the junction box 581883
a cable from the junction box to the carburetor 582908
a cable from the junction box to the oil pump 562408
the junction box 269571






  • Model: 400-163597170