Piaggio Rear Luggage Rack for Vespa GTS and GTV

Genuine Vespa Folding Rear Luggage Rack for Vespa GTS, GTV and Super. Includes Handrail. This is a Genuine Vespa Accessory in Piaggio  Packaging  Ref. Number GTS24PA 

Vespa Part Numbers  623977 - 605665M - SC 623977 - 606525M - 1B002106

Vespa GT60 (2007)Vespa GTS250ie (2006-2009)Vespa GTS250ie Super (2009)Vespa GTV250ie (2007-2009)Vespa GTS300 (2010-2014)Vespa GTS300 SuperSuper Sport (2010-2014)Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport (2010-2014)Vespa GTS300 ABSSuperSuper Sport (2015-2017)Vespa GTS300 ABSSuperSuper Sport (2018-2019)Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport HPE (2020-Current)Vespa GTV300ie (2010-2014)Vespa GTV300ie ABS (2016-2019)

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  • Model: 606525M