GTS Style Rear Luggage Rack for Vespa GT200 Top Case

OEM Piaggio Rear Luggage Rack and other parts necessary to mount it to a GT 200.  This kit is for the Vespa GT 200, GT200, GT200L, 200L, Granturismo. 
 If you own a Vespa GT 200, you probably wish there were as many options as the GTS and GTV offer for rear racks and luggage. The ugly plastic rear rack on your GT 200 is a very expensive eyesore, and they have been known to break for no good reason. If you break it, you were pretty much stuck buying another one. Until now. This kit contains the three parts you need to mount a GTS or GTV style rack on your Vespa GT 200 or GT200L and use your stock Vespa Top Case. The Stock Vespa Top Case mounts right to it, and you get rid of that plastic eyesore. If you want to use a different rack, we also have a kit that allows you to use any GTS or GTV rear luggage rack on your Vespa GT 200. Rack envy no more.
Installs with simple hand tools.. 
Fits all years of Vespa GT 200.