CDI Coil for Vespa LX 50 Piaggio Fly 50, S 50 4 Stroke 639069


OEM Piaggio CDI for Vespa LX 50 Vespa S50 and Piaggio Fly 50 4 Stroke 2 Valve engine.

 For 2 Valve Engines., 50cc 4 Stroke. 

Does your Vespa LX 50 cut off after ten to twenty minutes and then start up and run briefly? We've seen a lot of Early US market Vespa LX 50 4T models that will run fine for about ten to twenty minutes then cut out, Wait a while, and they start again. We did the usual r&r fuel lines, check the fuel for contaminants, Poke a hole in the gas cap, check the compression, etc. All fine. Then we hooked up a device that will show if the plug is getting spark while you are riding, and found out that there were intermittent losses of spark. One guy had two Lx50s, and they both quit within about ten feet of each other after we rode the piss out of them. It's the sort of problem that often presents in bikes that have been sitting for years and are suddenly back on the road .
To diagnose this, you need to ride the bike for about ten miles, let it idle, ride it hard, let it idle, and so on until it dies. Then when you try to start it, it may start up and run briefly, then shut down again. It will start, run briefly, cut off, and then start, run, cut off sooner, then not start until it sits and cools down. 
When this happens, switch out the CDI and that will usually solve the problem. 
This is a tough problem to solve at home, because the only way to really diagnose it is to put in a known good cdi and see if that fixes it. Electrical parts purchases are final, the CDI is expensive, and if that's not the problem, you now own two good CDIs, and a Vespa that dies. 
If the bike is idling rough and dying at stop signs right after it gets warm, it can also be an exhaust valve that is too tight, but that shows up a lot sooner than the intermittent CDI issue. 
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