Shock.Abs.Kit F.Fork RS1+1/A P.Zip F.R.

RS 1+1/A hydraulic suspension kit for Piaggio Zip Fast Rider scooter fork SAFE AND CONFORTABLE RIDING COMPONENTS: - 1 hydraulic shock absorber - 1 suspension spring - 2 notched washers Technical features The original front fork of the Zip Fast Rider does not have any shock absorbing system. Therefore, the front suspension operates with springs only. The solution offered by Malossi, called RS1+1/A, fits an anticompression spring in one shaft of the fork and a hydraulic shock absorber in the other. The spring is in steel alloy, variable pitch with recalculated load. This kit has been designed and tested specifically for the Piaggio Zip Fast Rider scooter having a front wheel fit with rigid bearings and disk brake. We strongly advise you NOT to assemble this kit on scooter that do not have front wheel bearings.

  • Model: M468017