Second.Gears HTQ Z 14/43

HTQ SECONDARY GEARS Transmission gears made of special steel with straight teeth and recalculated ratio. They completely eliminate all the axial pressures, thereby reducing stress on the bearings. They are constructed using high-precision machine, casehardened, tempered and ground to provide silent running and long life. SECOND ROLLER GEAR for Piaggio and Gilera engines Straight-shaved-toothed gears. Defeating friction to reduce energy consumption! With the new SECOND ROLLER GEARS, Malossi engineers aimed at reducing to a minimum the losses due to friction in the gearbox allowing the engine to transmit the most horsepower available to the rear wheel. The innovative aspect of this design lies in the addition of two roller bearings in the gearbox located at the end of the crankcase, supporting a special straight-toothed secondary shaft. This installation converts the sliding friction system due to the rotation of the shaft causing direct steel-aluminium contact (see original system) into a rolling friction system revolving around steel rollers. The advantage of this system also lies in its ease of installation: simply insert the two roller bearings, included in the Malossi SECOND ROLLER GEAR package, into their original housing.

  • Model: M6711238