Rear Shock Absorber RS24 - Wheelbase 316 MM

RS24 rear shock absorber for Yamaha T-MAX 500cc PATENTED oil-gas shock absorber This superlative, compact and very light rear shock absorber was born out of the cooperation between Malossi designers and Paioli manufacturer. A real oil-gas suspension with variable setting and extension adjusting, compensated for a pressurized nitrogen chamber, provided with a special patented spring pre-load adjusting system in order to ensure an excellent driving comfort both for sports and touristic use, with or without passenger on board. The project has been studied for long by the technicians of both companies who, already used to team work, joined their own experiences to create an innovative suspension. In order to ensure its reliability, we have first developed various prototypes, then strictly tested for many weeks on specific benches, before being checked on the road and on the tracks. The versatility of this suspension turned out to be astonishing thanks to three new adjustment systems, which enhance its use both on the road and on tracks: Extension adjustment in order to absorb the harshness of the ground. Spring pre-load allows to fit the vehicle while driving according to the passengers? weight. This suspension uses a special patented system, unique in the world, which allows to make all the necessary adjustments by simply using a ring spanner on a screw placed in the head of the shock absorber, easily accessible. System of setting variation as regards the behavior in bends, whether you use the vehicle for sport. The peculiarity of this project actually consists in the possibility to make all the necessary adjustments in a quick and efficient way, without removing the shock absorber from the vehicle. Nothing has been neglected while studying the project! The reduction of the weight, for example, was one of our priority aim: this is the reason why most of the components are manufactured in ergal, forged, extruded and made out of solid, thanks to the best present technologies. The result of such a meticulous design allowed to achieve a weight saving of about 20%, in details, our RS24 suspension weights 4.030 grams instead of the 4.838 grams of the original one. We think that this is an important achievement towards that sport concept of our Super T-Max Malossi! RS24 Malossi for YamahaT-Max: a ?Made in Italy? excellence, a patent to be proud of! TECHNICAL FEATURES Oil-gas suspension with pressurized nitrogen chamber; Hydraulic adjustment in expansion; Patented adjustment of the spring pre-load; Adjustment of the vehicle setting; Stroke 48 mm; Outside wrapper in ergal 55 with cobalt blue anodic oxidation; Adjustable forged connection in ergal 55 with anodic oxidation; Connection made out of treatment in ergal 55 with anodic oxidation; Adjustment system of the scooter setup, with fit shock absorber. Code Inter-axis mm 4613598 rear 316

  • Model: M4613598