Pistons for Malossi Cylinder Kit for Yamaha T-Max

Super T-Max Malossi is proud to offer "Super T-Max," a completely new gamma of products for the most popular Yamaha Maxi-Scooter and like always "Made In Italy"! Ø 66 forged piston spin Ø 15 with 3 piston rings high compression for original cylinder Forged Pistons: Special Al-Si-Cu alloy, hardened, shaped crown with valve reliefs, racing design, reinforced and lightened with constant wall thickness. Piston Rings (3): 1st - Compression Ring: Chrome plated steel. 2nd - Intermediate Ring: Phosphate coated steel. 3rd - Oil Control Ring: 3-piece oil ring, (chrome plated steel rails, plus spring). Two available piston sizes: Cylinder Cylinder Sleeve Ø Original Piston Ø Malossi Piston ID Mark Malossi Normal 66.000 - 66.010 65.965 - 65.980 0 Over-Sized 66.020 - 66.030 65.985 - 66.000 M The normal piston size is intended to replace the original piston without any need for cylinder modifi cations. (Verify that the cylinder is not damaged, ovalized or scored). The over-sized piston is intended to be used with a modified cylinder sleeve, which has been honed to the dimensions indicated in the above table.

  • Model: 3413706


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