Piston 40 A Pin 12 Rect. Rings 2

All Malossi cylinders - both cast-iron and aluminum - are selected by size. The range goes from size 0 (smallest piston) to size D (biggest piston). Every size features an increase of 0.01 mm. When ordering a piston, please carefully specify the requested size marking as follows: Example 34 3448 corresponds to size 0 34 3448.A0 corresponds to size A 34 3448.B0 corresponds to size B 34 3448.C0 corresponds to size C 34 3448.D0 corresponds to size D Only cast-iron cylinders are also available in oversize as follows: 34 3448.40 corresponds to an increase of 0.4 mm 34 3448.80 corresponds to an increase of 0.8 mm For pistons produced in the past, 0.2 mm and 0.6 mm oversizes are also available (ex. 34 3448.20 - 34 4375.60). All Malossi cylinders are selected by size and bear size marking, week number and year. All Malossi pistons bear the own size marking (number or letter). Piston must be put into cylinder with the arrow drawn on the piston crown facing the exhaust.

  • Model: M348538.A0