Malossi X360 Intake Manifold for Yamaha, Minarelli

You can turn this Malossi Intake Manifold 360 degrees to point it where you want it to be. Malossi part 2013847

For 26 to 30mm Carburetors. For Dellorto, KOSO, PWK, S6 ,PHBH and VHST carburetors and their derivatives.

The 'X 360' is an adjustable modular inlet manifold system produced by MALOSSI. Thanks to the separate manifold connection rubber and base-plate construction, the manifold can be rotated 360° allowing even bigger racing carburetors to fit cramped conditions.

These new intake manifolds are supplied split up: the intake rubber can be rotated into the flange according to the specific requirements of the vehicle, in order to locate which is the best angle for the carburettor assembly.

  • Model: 100-2013847


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