Malossi Wristpin Bearing 12x16x16mm

Malossi needle roller bearings are independent bearings that are ready for assembly and constructed from high-tensile steel with housings for the insertion and axial rotation of the rollers. These devices are designed to allow reciprocal movement between two objects, constraining the rotation of the cage and housing the rotating elements with reduced overall dimensions, negligible weight and reduced friction. These are essential components in internal combustion engines which, by definition, have several rotating elements. As can be seen in the image, a needle roller bearing assembly is made up of a body (cage) with housings into which the rollers are positioned that are held in place but free to rotate axially. It is, indeed, on the rollers that the external rotating surface rests and rotation between the two components takes place on these. As the parts are subject to continuous acceleration and deceleration and, as a consequence, to notable inertial forces, it is essential that the cage combines considerable lightness with high strength and precision machining, and that the rollers are perfectly cylindrical and selected and coupled in size classes with extremely tight tolerances of the order of microns. The cage itself must be constructed with extremely tight tolerances as it must keep the rollers separate and guide them correctly. It should be noted that the slots into which the rollers are housed must be perfectly parallel to each other to prevent undesirable movement of the rotating elements and consequent adverse axial thrust, which would cause elevated levels of overheating and drastically reduce the life of the component. Malossi has selected only the best needle roller bearings on the market to guarantee optimal performance and unparalleled reliability. Only components equipped with needle roller bearings with extremely tight tolerances that are constructed from heat-treated steel have been selected, with exceptional mechanical strength and hardness. Limited to a selection of applications, the roller bearings have an aluminium surface protection that guarantees greater resistance to wear and even reduced rotational friction. For applications requiring even greater resistance, copper surface protection has been used, a material which, in addition to reducing friction and protecting from wear, ensures better heat dispersion, allowing the cage to function correctly even when subject to elevated loads in high temperature atmospheres.

  • Model: 668102B