Malossi Sport Crankshaft Bearings for Vespa PX 150 200

These are the best Roller Bearings for your Vespa PX150 or Genuine Stella. The Clutch side Bearing has Carbonitrided inner ring and oversize balls. Special high-speed precision bearings, reinforced for increased load and heavy applications, with oversize balls, carbonitrided inner rings, steel and polyamide cages. The co-operation of Malossi technicians with the company SKF allowed to obtain an important technical result for the fine-tuning of high-quality racing engines. The main differences to other bearings produced by SKF for scooter motors are the larger diameter bearing rollers and the partially carbon-nitrated inner ring. These features lead to a smoother running motor, especially noticeable at high revs. High revving motors can fail prematurely due to excessive heat expansion of standard grade bearings. Vespa PX150 Genuine Stella 2T

  • Model: 6615466