Malossi Spark Plug Cap and Wire

This is the Spark Plug Cap that doesn't come off. If you have a scooter that keeps losing spark plug caps, or they break off, try this. It works. 5 Ohm Spark Plug Cap.

Technical features:
Resistor spark plug cap
High-quality resistor spark plug cap, which ensures constant resistance with minimal variations in overload conditions.
External body made with a robust rubber structure featured by excellent resistance to intense heat and mechanical stress.
Special rubber rings positioned internally and at the ends allowing to avoid external discharge even in conditions of high humidity.
Spark plug cable
Silicone spark plug cable 7 mm diameter with double insulation (EPDM inside and silicone outside).
Wide temperature range from -40° to +220°.
Flexible and resistant.
  • Model: 100-5519221