Malossi Sintered Brake Pads for Yamaha

Malossi Gold Label Brake Pads with sintered friction material have the highest friction coefficient and guarantee shorter stopping distances with breathtaking decelerations. 
They keep a stable performance regardless of temperature and weather conditions.
The friction material is obtained through a sintering process of metal dusts and other copper based elements. The result is a compound able to enhance the braking power without reducing the lifetime of the pads.
Malossi Gold Label Sintered  Brake Pads are manufactured with a proprietary material that makes them an optimal choice for extreme riding conditions. 
Malossi Sintered Brake Pads have passed all the severe performance and endurance tests subjected by Malossi testers and riders.

YAMAHA YAMAHA MAJESTY 400 4T LC <-2008 (H317E) Front for VEHICLE with 1 DISC

YAMAHA YAMAHA T MAX (carb.) 500 4T LC 2001->2003 Front


  • Model: 6215033