Malossi Rear Shock for Vespa LX 150, LXV 150, S 150

Malossi Rear Shock for the Vespa LX 150, LXV 150, and S 150. Why buy anything else when you can have real Malossi for the same price?  M4613315, PI4613315


Technical data
- Type: oil-pneumatic
- Use: road
- Shock absorber rod d. 12mm in C48 steel-hardened and tempered
- Piston in steel and sintered bronze
- New laminar system in Swedish steel
- LUBRIFLON-PTFE B70 piston guide shoe (bronze-loaded modified compound)
- Sliding on DU GUIDE bush (compound obtained by sinterization of a layer of spheroidal bronze on a strap of suitably shaped lowcarbon steel with subsequent impregnation and coating with a PTFE + FB mixture)
- SEALTHANE 9345 grade polyester resin scraper ring
- Regulation of spring preloading by means of ring nut with 4 positions
- Special low-viscosity oil, pratically unaffected by temperature changes 

Vespa LX 150

Vespa LXV 150

Vespa S 150

Vespa ET4

  • Model: 4613315