Malossi Rear Shock Absorber for Piaggio LT 150, Liberty 150

Malossi Rear Shock for the Piaggio LT 150 and Liberty 150. Why buy anything else when you can have real Malossi for the same price?  M4613315, PI4613315
Technical data
- Type: oil-pneumatic
- Use: road
- Shock absorber rod d. 12mm in C48 steel-hardened and tempered
- Piston in steel and sintered bronze
- New laminar system in Swedish steel
- LUBRIFLON-PTFE B70 piston guide shoe (bronze-loaded modified compound)
- Sliding on DU GUIDE bush (compound obtained by sinterization of a layer of spheroidal bronze on a strap of suitably shaped lowcarbon steel with subsequent impregnation and coating with a PTFE + FB mixture)
- SEALTHANE 9345 grade polyester resin scraper ring
- Regulation of spring preloading by means of ring nut with 4 positions
- Special low-viscosity oil, pratically unaffected by temperature changes 
Verify that the base of the shock you are replacing is similar to this one. 
  • Model: 4613315