Malossi Rapid Sense System Air/Fuel Ratio Meter


For all 4T vehicles.

In Inner Combustion Engines (ICE) the correct air-fuel ratio is most important in order that all fuel is used efficiently. The quantity of oxygen into the cylinder determinates how much fuel will be burnt, while the un-burned fuel will be pushed out through the exhaust valve. With the supplied oxygen sensor (Lambda sensor) fitted in the exhaust path, this meter will immediately displays the air-fuel ratio (ideally 14.7 for gasoline) and displays if the fuel mixture is too rich (R) or too lean (L).


Display range: 12.2 ~ 17.2

Display unit: 0.1

Effective voltage: dc 12v

Battery type: cr 2032

Battery life time: 450 hours

Effective temperature range: -10 ° c ~ +60 ° c

Meter size: 69 x 32 x 16

Meter weight: 48 g 

  • Model: 100-5817539B