Malossi Racing Exhaust for Vespa P200, P200E

The Malossi POWER EXHAUST for Vespa PX with 2-stroke engine boosts performance while at the same time improving the “sound” of your Vespa.
The exhaust system of a Vespa must be a work of art worthy of the king of scooters, a perfect musical instrument that sparks emotions through its performance and sound.
Malossi POWER EXHAUST was designed with these two key elements in mind. The power compared to previous models has been increased by about 5%, thanks to a radical re-design that involved the inner surfaces of the steel sheet used to form the exhaust system.
It’s core, in fact, is lined with a mesh of special sound-proofing material that considerably improves the exhaust system’s performance, while at the same giving the Vespa’s engine a unique and distinctive sound.
Even the end part of the exhaust system has been considerably redesigned thanks to the inclusion of an inner bulkhead. In particular, the exhaust has been separated from the silencer, thereby increasing its resistance to vibration.
Increasing both the diameter and the length of the silencer has made the exhaust system quieter, further reducing the noise level while maintaining a unique sound.
Performance and sound are the key elements to add just the right touch of personality to your Vespa PX. In spite of the fact that these two elements often don’t go hand in hand, Malossi POWER EXHAUST has succeeded in its aim: to add maximum torque and power while pleasing your ears with the perfect symphony.
Technical features:
Exhaust system with noise reducing chicane flow design with add-on refurbishable silencer.
Expansion chamber with internal baffling, made of FeP04 steel with added noise reducing fibreglass packing.
Coated with high temperature resistant black paint.
Silencer with anodized aluminium external casing, removable and repackable, Nitro blue, with laser-etched logo.
Exhaust system includes a complete set of brackets, collars, screws and all parts needed for assembly, interchangeable with the original exhaust without need for modifications.
  • Model: 3218742