Malossi Racing Exhaust for BMW C650 2016-> (652EA)

Malossi Wild Lion Racing Exhaust for BMW C Sport 650 Scooters. Black. fits OEM or Malossi manifolds.

Top Performer
Perfection in their design, silent with increased  performance, unmatched in elegance and lightweight. Maxi Wild Lion is an exclusive Malossi product- Made in Italy.
Technical features
- Elliptical cross-section casing made of stainless steel or aluminium with anodized finish and laser
marked logo.
- Carbon end caps.
- Silencer system with the addition of sound absorbing mineral fibers, possessing high noise damping
and nondegrading qualities.
- Equipped with DB killer
- Stainless steel exhaust tubes from the cylinder or to the silencer

BMW BMW C Sport 650 ie 2016-> (652EA)

  • Model: 3217290


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