Malossi Racing Air Filter for Stock Two Stroke Carburetor CHROME

RED FILTER more oxygen to the engine The quality which confirms success. Too often we neglect the simplest and most obvious component of our engine, whereas minor modifications increase efficiency, improve performance and extend service life of the engine. Let's consider for instance the fuel system, which supplies the "burst" of air and petrol that is closely related to the engine's performance. The filter task is of vital importance. In fact, on one hand it must prevent any impurity (which could cause serious damage in short time) from getting into the engine; on the other hand it must allow for the best possible breathing without suffocating the engine. These contradicting tasks can only be unified with a first quality filter, which is the result of careful studies, Malossi experience, and the use of premium materials. Therefore, it is not by chance that all the best manufacturers start with the filter design, which is the first component in the engine's "respiratory sequence", in order to achieve the highest engine performance suitable for racing. Undisputed leader both in racing scooter engine preparation and defining special fuel systems, Malossi has had the chance to fine tune the best scooter filter ever produced. Its name is RED FILTER and it is characterised by a very light and removable reticular structure and by a filtering component made of expanded polyurethane with open cells, self extinguishing and with a large accumulation capacity. This filter can be fitted to any scooter in a few minutes because it is equipped with special connections, which allow fitting it in the best possible position. Its conduit and surfaces have been expressly designed to achieve the best possible performance for any model of scooter. Also it guarantees consistency and high performance. After having carried out the necessary and simple periodic cleaning operations, RED FILTER guarantees always-perfect engine breathing, making the engine itself more long-lived. The benefits concerning environmental pollution must not be neglected: an engine which breaths better is also an engine that pollutes and consumes less.

  • Model: 047593W0