Malossi Primary Gears Kit (Third Support) 14/42

Malossi is pleased to offer their customers its new final transmission gear assembly... THIRD SUPPORT Malossi, always attentive to rider's observations and requests, has focused on Minarelli-Yamaha, considering the CVT system has shown some deficiencies. At high RPMs, the driven pulley generates strong vibrations and oscillations to the primary gear shaft. To remedy this problem, an additional bearing, inserted into the original crankcase cover is used creating a third support for a redesigned longergear shaft. This modification prevents the gear shaft from flexing thus allowing the CVT system to operate correctly. Two simple modifications are required to install this support bearing in the original crankcase cover (see assembly instructions). Technical Characteristics H.t.q. gears z 14/42 designed with straight teeth reducing to a minimum, losses due to friction, and stresses in thesupports. Optimized gear ratios. Extended primary gear shaft. Polished steel alloy bearing support. Sealed bearing. Note: to be assembled only with original crankcase cover version AEROX - NITRO

  • Model: 6714733