Malossi Power Up Clutch System for Vespa PX 150

The Malossi range for Vespas offers extremely high-tech products able to increase performance to such exceptional levels with respect to the standard, that other essential vehicle components will also need to be adapted.
Suffice it to compare a 1978 Vespa PX 200 E which in its standard version develops a power of 12.35 hp at 5700 rpm, and a Vespa “elaborated” with Malossi Kits, which can develop 27.5 hp at 8000 rpm, thus more than double the hp at a much higher speed, in order to understand just how important it is to design a clutch system able to resist the strain caused by performance increases of such proportions!
Malossi POWER UP CLUTCH SYSTEM were born in response to the need to overcome the many problems that inevitably arise when the clutch system technology is not compatible with the other components of the engine. In a traditional clutch, the need to transmit more than double the power to the gears while at the same time turn faster, may cause the bell to sag under the effect of the centrifugal force, in addition to rubbing and deformations that may translate into bothersome and worrying metallic noises. It may even cause the classic slipping of the clutch due to the insufficient amount of friction developed by the original discs, which also impedes the transmission of the entire power generated by the thermal unit, thus partially thwarting its potential.
The two versions of the Malossi POWER UP CLUTCH SYSTEM have common characteristics:
A POWER UP CLUTCH BASKET clutch bell in high-resistance steel with hardening surface treatment to improve resistance to wear, and consequently its service life.
A TIG welded reinforcement ring on the outer bell diameter to efficiently counteract the centrifugal force developed by the higher rotation speed.
4 clutch discs with high-performance friction material.
Recalculated and restricted coupling tolerances, especially in the connection between the diaphragm spring and bell, to eliminate annoying metallic rattling sounds and increase the service life of the component.
The two clutches are actioned by a series of main springs with high elasticity coefficient, 6 in the bell for PX 150 and 7 in the bell for PX 200 E, and are supplied with a set of auxiliary springs, again 6 for PX 150 and 7 for PX 200 E, to be used in high-powered configurations. This regulation allows the user to adapt the clutch to the engine’s configuration, thus reaping the benefits at all levels of elaboration and in all possible set-ups.
  • Model: 5217808