Malossi Over Range Transmission for T-Max 530 2017-

Malossi Over Range Transmission for 2017 and newer Yamaha T-Max 530. (J415E)

Thus, the Over Range is renewed as well: new variator!

This new system is based on Multivar MHR Next, which matched with the other parts - allows to achieve really unique performances!

The torque driver (movable pulley) has a larger diameter compared to the original one and the very latest specifications, allowing to have a greater velocity-ratio range compared to the original pulley.

Malossi engineers have also taken particular care in realising this pulley right down to the smallest detail, using special materials and a particular type of thermochemical treatment that ensures exceptional surface hardness and therefore excellent wear and abrasion resistance.

The fixed half-pulley completes the OVER RANGE: this component features a diamond finish of the belt-side pulley surface and a redesigned working angle to further increase the gearing range.

The whole completion of OVER RANGE system is given by the torsion controller.

  • Model: 6117745