Malossi Oil Filter for Suzuki Burgman 200

Malossi Red Chilli Oil Filter replaces Suzuki 16510-05240-000

Malossi Red Chilli Oil Filter is the safeguard for your engine!

Developed by Malossi to purify the oil that protects the engines and heads of the Malossi Trophy Races, in which they become stressed beyond every limit. In street application, the Red Chilli Oil Filter s easily satisfy even the most extreme requirements from the most demanding customers. Greater durability of all the engine components is assured.
Reliability, performance and high quality is always a great priority with the development of the vast range of products guaranteed by the Malossi brand: Red Chilli Oil Filters do not deviate from this philosophy!

Technical Characteristics
- Quality of the filtering media, unalterable in time, and insensitive to rapid temperature changes starting at 20°C below zero to the most elevated operational temperatures.
- Ability to filter infinitely small metallic particles and trap a greater quantity of harmful larger contaminants, in virtue of the special micro-porosity filtering media itself and its high capacity.


  • Model: 0313379