Malossi Lambda Emulator for Yamaha Tmax 530 560

Malossi TC Unit 02 Controller Lambda Emulator for fuel injected Scooters. Corrects the Air/Fuel Mixture for optimum performance. Very simple Plug and Play installation. Your Scooter will run smoother and accelerate better from a stop. This is a must have item for any fuel injected Scooter.

The use of the new O2 controller allows for carburetion management in the area where the Lambda sensor controls the air/petrol mixture to be introduced into the combustion chamber. This device is able to make the Lambda sensor work at a value other than stoichiometric, improving the A/F (Air/Fuel ratio) to improve torque and power while respecting the engine’s DNA.

Malossi’s research and development department’s main objective is to ensure that each vehicle has a calibration designed to optimise performance and consumption.

Full carburetion control is achieved by combining the O2 controller with the Force Master control unit. The synergy of these two devices has no limits, the entire quoted plane is managed, controlled and optimised for any processing stage proposed by Malossi.

The evolution that engine control systems have undergone in recent years has led to the design of this new version. The emulation of the Lambda sensor signals now corresponds perfectly to the original sensor, while the appearance has been refined and enhanced with an essential optical interface, which emulates the real operation of the device.

The Power LED indicates correct power supply, while the remaining two LEDs show the carburetion status. After ignition of the vehicle, the power and Rich (rich carburetion) led lights up. After a period of sensor warm up, if you are in the Lambda closed loop control area, you will see the two Rich and Lean LEDs light up alternately. This type of action highlights the correct functioning of the device through continuous calibration of the A/F title.



  • Model: 5519172