Malossi Kevlar Belt for Yamaha T-Max 500

Malossi Hyper Racing  X-Kev Belt is the latest and greatest from Malossi. An improvement over other belts, includes an extra layer of Polyamide fabric in the teeth of the belt. Designed to be stronger and last longer than the OEM Yamaha Part, Malossi X-Kev belts are used extensively in high perrormance and endurance racing in Europe. This is an excellent belt for regularly scheduled changes, as well as for performance motors.

This is the most popular aftermarket belt in Italy because it holds up on the racetrack and on the street. 

New MHR X K Belt is now available for even better performances !
After the coming of 560 cc bi-cylinder, Malossi technicians, not satisfied yet with the reached results, went on searching new materials and they set up this new belt: the highest technology so far available on the market!
Yamaha T-Max 500 models.
  • Model: 6114674