Malossi Force Master CDI for Honda PCX 125 and 150

Malossi Forcemaster 2 CDI for Honda PCX Models. 

Force Master’s launch, it is renewed!

"Besides its improved fuel curves, efforts from Malossi’s technical staff resulted with a rev limiter increase of 1,000 RPM, making Force Master 2 an even higher performing ECU!

Force Master 2 allows to change the injection in order to fit perfectly the Malossi 4-stroke and original cylinders.

CDI Force Master

Carburation adjusting
± 6% at min/medium/max
RPM limiter : + 1000 RPM
4 different maps

Fits the Following:

HONDA PCX 125 ie2012-> (JF47)
 HONDA PCX 150 2014-> (KF19E) 



  • Model: M5517563